Health Recovery Secrets front coverA Revolutionary Guide To Natural Healing & Self-Control

by Douglas J. Ellison

You Can Improve Your Health!

Health Recovery Secrets is a simple, scientific and easy to understand manual for preventing and curing chronic illnesses using natural methods. It reveals the root causes of many diseases and the hidden truth about cancer cells, viruses, vaccines, antibiotics, super bugs and AIDS.

Health Recovery Secrets also includes vital knowledge, techniques and exercises for developing more self-control and achieving any goal you truly desire. It will help you experience more confidence, happiness and success.


  • How to create a healthy body.
  • How to develop more self-control.
  • How to recover from cancer, AIDS, and other chronic diseases.
  • How to lose weight and keep it off, the healthiest way.
  • How to relax without using drugs.
  • How to control your emotions and stop emotional pain.
  • How to control fear, worry and obsessive thinking.
  • How to let go of addictions and other unwanted behaviors.
  • How to create more self-confidence.
  • How to train your brain to help you achieve your goals.

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