Viruses are Poisons

Virus [Latin, a poison] a microscopic infectious agent causing various diseases.”
– Webster’s New World Dictionary, 2006

Virus is the Latin word for poison.

The science of virology is based on many unproven theories and wrong conclusions. Medical students aren’t taught the truth about viruses. Doctors and research scientists believe many myths. They don’t understand that viruses are non-living poisons which kill human cells and cause disease symptoms.

For about 100 years, the scientific community repeatedly changed its collective mind
over what viruses are. First seen as
poisons, then as life forms, then biological chemicals.”
-Dr. Luis Villarreal, virologist, UC Irvine

Viruses are not living cells like fungus and bacteria. They don’t have cell walls because they are not cells. The belief that non-living substances can incubate or replicate is a myth.

“Viruses are identified by the type of changes they cause in the cell.”
-American Cancer Society

Viruses aren’t identified in the same way as bacteria and fungus, by using a microscope. Many viruses are never actually identified. The symptoms they cause are given disease names such as polio, herpes, chicken pox, shingles, smallpox, rabies, ebola, influenza, cold, malaria, yellow fever and HIV.

Viruses also cause infections, but are too primitive to be classified as living organisms.”
-Department of Health and Human Services

An antigen is any microbe or substance that causes your white blood cells to release antibodies to kill or neutralize it. Antigens infect and destroy living cells.

The definition of the word infect is to contaminate or cause to become diseased by contact with a disease producing organism or substance.

Infections can be caused by poisonous substances excreted by bacteria, fungus and parasites. After a microbe or parasite enters the body they begin damaging human cells, as they grow and excrete viruses.

Virus classification is the subject of ongoing debate and proposals. This is mainly
due to the pseudo-living nature of viruses, which is to say they are
non-living particles.”
-Wikipedia, Virus classification


Billions of people worldwide are being poisoned by man-made viruses/chemicals. Chemical companies like Dow, Bayer and Monsanto are making huge profits while poisoning us. Many farmers use harmful chemicals when growing crops. These viruses end up in our soil, food and water.

Poisons are still poisons, even in small amounts. The fluoride put in city water and toothpaste is unhealthy. Each tube of toothpaste has a fluoride warning label on it because fluoride is a toxic substance.

Now you know the truth about viruses. They are poisons which can be in our air, food, water and toothpaste. Some are man-made chemicals, while others are excreted by living organisms. Mosquitoes can be the carriers of bacteria, fungus or parasites which excrete the viruses/poisons. They weaken our immune systems and cause disease symptoms and AIDS.

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