Make Your Dreams Come True

The will to win is not nearly so important as the will to prepare to win.”
-Vince Lombardi, NFL coach

The definition of desire is to long for, crave, want, wish or will something. To accomplish any goal you must know exactly what you want, become determined to have it and then work hard to achieve it.

Donnie Gay won the World Bull Riding Championship eight times. I interviewed him to find out why he was able to accomplish his goals. He told me it was his desire, effort and positive thinking which made the difference.

Donnie said, “You get out of life what you put into it. No pain, no gain. I wanted to be a world champion bull rider and nothing else was going to satisfy me. I wanted to be the world champion more than most bull riders.”

Genius is one percent inspiration…and ninety nine percent perspiration.”
-Thomas Alva Edison

Donnie was willing to do the work and suffer the pain to accomplish his dream. He focused on being the best he could be. Donnie trained his brain using positive words and images. He created a burning desire, determination, self-confidence and great expectations.

You can create a better life if you want it bad enough and are willing to do the work. Start visualizing what you want and tell yourself over and over I can accomplish my goal. Then go work for your dream. Until you have a burning desire to achieve your goal, it’s easy to become distracted or quit.

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
-Henry Ford


Read your goals out loud at least once a day. As you read each goal, take time to visualize the goal already achieved. Use positive affirmations to create more faith in yourself. Tell yourself, “I can and will achieve this goal.”

The brain and nervous system will react to words and vivid images by creating feelings and beliefs. The visions will be recorded as if you have already achieved the goals.

You are training yourself to do what you desire. You are also training your brain to attract knowledge which will help you achieve your goals.

Follow your plan of action and keep your eye on what you want, until each goal is a dream come true.

Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”
-John F. Kennedy

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