Pathologists are Deceived in Medical School

Syphilis is what made dark field microscopy popular.”
-C. Robert Bagnell, Jr. PhD., University of N.C.

Dark field microscopy is a type of light microscopy that produces brightly illuminated objects on a dark background. Syphilis was discovered in 1905 using a dark field microscope.

Today, dark field microscopy is considered quackery by many pathologists. Why is this, when dark field microscopy was proven so successful in the past?

Most pathologists are trained to use dead, stained tissues and light field microscopes. Using dark field microscopes and living cells is a more effective way to observe and identify bacteria and fungus in tissue and blood samples.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini, is an Italian oncologist. He believes cancer cells are fungus cells. He also believes Candida albicans is one type of fungus which causes cancerous tumors. He discovered that every cancerous tumor he examined under a microscope, was made of fungus cells. Dr. Simoncini has successfully used bicarbonate of soda to eliminate cancer cells. His website is

The word Hela is an abbreviation for Henrietta Lacks. In 1951, George Gey took what was believed to be mutated human cancer cells from Henrietta Lacks, who died from cervical cancer.

Over 70,000 articles have been written about Hela cells. Hela cells have been used in cancer research worldwide for over 60 years. They are believed to be the only immortal human cells. All other attempts to grow human cells outside the body have failed because Hela cells are actually fungus cells. Most pathologists and scientists are unaware of this big misunderstanding.

Some fungus cells reproduce using the fission method like human cells. Many types of fungus cells look similar to human cells. Fungus and human cells are eukaryotic cells. They both have a nucleus, cholesterol and DNA.

Damaged human cells never invade and attack other human cells. They don’t mutate and become parasitic organisms which can live without oxygen, by fermenting. When human cells are damaged, they mutate, become weaker and die.

Leukemia and many other autoimmune disorders are caused by fungus and the toxins they excrete, not immature or abnormal white blood cells. When most pathologists examine cancer cells under a microscope, they don’t realize they are looking at fungus cells.

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