The Diet-Mental Illness Connection

The major hypoglycemia symptoms are mental confusion, emotional
instability, low energy, and neurotic and psychotic behavior.” -Dr. Paavo Airola

I worked with a man named Stan. When he was a boy he suffered from mental illness. His parents took him to many doctors. The doctors said he was manic depressive, schizophrenic and suffering from chemical imbalances in his brain. They also told his parents there is no cure for his mental problems.

Stan was treated with prescription drugs and psychotherapy. He continued to have mood swings and hallucinations.

Eventually Stan’s parents found a doctor who cured him. The doctor told them, his mental problems are caused by refined sugar and caffeine. The brain cannot function properly while it’s being drugged.

When Stan stopped eating and drinking things that contained those stimulating poisons, his mood swings and irrational behavior went away. He was able to relax during the day and sleep at night because his brain chemistry was changed.

Stan became well because his parents found a doctor with the correct knowledge to solve his mental problems. Drugs and talk therapy could never have cured Stan. They cannot cure other people with mental problems caused by chemical poisoning, lack of essential nutrients or sleep deprivation.

Mental illness is a physical problem. Many people are unaware that caffeine, refined sugars and other chemicals poison the brain and cause it to malfunction. They don’t realize how much their diet affects their mental health.

Antidepressants and tranquilizing drugs can create the illusion of a cure by controlling symptoms. They can also cause depression, psychotic behavior and suicide. Many violent crimes are committed by people while under the influence of prescription drugs.

Most psychiatrists have little or no training in nutrition and the proper care of the human brain. They are usually trained to use drugs and talk therapy to control symptoms.

Only approximately six percent of the graduating
physicians in the U.S. have training in nutrition.” -Dr. Ray D. Strand


Chronic insomnia is a serious problem. The brain is an electrical and chemical machine that must be recharged by sleeping. Sleep deprivation causes neurotic and psychotic behavior. If you don’t get enough sleep you will eventually become depressed, irrational and insane.

Anyone who goes without sleep will eventually hallucinate, and have the same psychotic symptoms, as a person labeled schizophrenic. Hearing voices and seeing things are some of the symptoms of sleep deprivation.

A lack of sleep causes children to become cranky and irrational. Some children require a nap in the afternoon and plenty of sleep at night for their brains to function properly.

Many people are unaware of all of the chemicals in processed foods which affect their ability to think clearly and sleep soundly. Using poisons, such as alcohol and other drugs to relax and sleep have negative effects on the brain.


Many people get hooked on refined sugar and caffeine when they are children. Their brains are on a roller coaster ride of high and low blood sugar. Some autism spectrum disorders, such as ADD or ADHD can be caused by these chemicals.

People act differently when under the influence of prescription drugs, caffeine, refined sugars or alcohol. It’s not a coincidence that many homeless and mentally ill people are hooked on coffee, sodas or alcohol.

When fitness expert Jack Lalanne was a boy, he suffered from mental illness. He almost killed his brother while under the influence of refined sugar. Lalanne admitted he was a sugaraholic and unhealthy. For over fifty years he warned people about the dangers of eating processed foods.

Dr. Paavo Airola wrote a book called Hypoglycemia; A Better Approach. His revolutionary book exposes how many mental disorders, such as depression, bipolar and schizophrenia are caused by chemicals in our diets. Dr. Airola has helped thousands of people become well.

“Those who begin to exercise regularly and replace white flour, sugar and devitalized foods with live, organic natural foods begin to feel better immediately.”-Jack Lalanne

Health Recovery Secrets is a simple, scientific and easy to understand manual for preventing and curing chronic illnesses using natural methods.

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