Understanding Your Mysterious Mind

“Order and simplification are the first steps towards mastery of a subject.”
-Thomas Mann

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines the word mind as: memory, opinion, the seat of consciousness, intellect, spirit, reason; sanity.

The word mind is used as a figure of speech. No one literally loses their mind, goes out of their mind or finds peace of mind. We often use the words mind or mental when referring to how the brain is functioning.

The mind’s eye is a metaphor for the imagination. Imagination is defined as the ability to create ideas and mental images. It’s a natural function of the brain and spirit.

The conscious and subconscious minds are metaphors. They refer to the many abilities and processes of the brain and spirit, and our sixth sense, in which we transmit and receive electrical thought waves.

You aren’t a mind, body and spirit. You are a spirit being in an electronic body, with a computer-like brain.


The brain can transmit and receive electrical thought waves. Prayer and mental telepathy are the same phenomenon. When you pray, you are sending out physical thought waves. We all have a sixth sense, in which we transmit and receive thoughts.

Ideas can come from outside our physical brains and flash into our awareness. The brain is similar to a computer which can log onto the Internet. The information is invisible to the naked eye. We can communicate with what has been called God, the collective consciousness and infinite intelligence.

We also communicate with other spirit entities, some of which help us, while others want to cause harm. The conscience is an inner feeling or voice which sometimes acts as a guide to the wrongness or rightness of ones behavior. The inner feeling or voice can be caused by a good or evil spirit.

A computer has the ability to manage information. It can store, receive, transmit and process data like the human brain. Computers and brains are both programmable machines which respond to specific sets of instructions. Human beings are programmed to believe and behave in certain ways.

Cellphones are a good example of how mental telepathy works. In the 1960s the television series Star Trek used cellphone devices called communicators. Back then the idea seemed absurd. We now take this technology for granted.

Invisible sound waves are transported around the world in seconds. These electrical energy waves are transmitted and received by our phones. The electrical waves are physical energy.

A television is another example of how invisible energy is transmitted through the air by converting light rays into electrical signals. Radios also receive electromagnetic waves which are sent out at different frequencies (cycles per unit of time).

Microwave Auditory Effect (MAE) technology is used to transmit thoughts (physical sound waves) into the human brain. The MAE system is called MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) and is intended to remotely, temporarily incapacitate people.

My brain is only a receiver. In the Universe there is a
core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.”
-Nikola Tesla, inventor

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