Suzanne Somers Cures Cancer

No one knows the exact cause of most cases of cancer.
We now know that
some cancers are caused by infections.”
American Cancer Society

Suzanne Somers wrote a book called, Knockout. In her book she tells her personal story of being diagnosed with cancer. She went to the hospital because she developed welts, a rash and difficulty breathing. Her doctors gave her a CT scan before telling her she had cancerous tumors and a blood clot. Her physicians were convinced Suzanne had cancer. She wasn’t convinced, so she requested a biopsy to check for fungus. She believed she may have contracted valley fever.

When the results of the biopsy came back, the pathologist told her she had a fungal infection. Suzanne was then told she had leprosy, tuberculosis or valley fever.

Suzanne refused chemotherapy and other poisonous drugs. She didn’t blindly believe the doctors and allow them to scare her into treatments which would weaken her body and possibly kill her. Suzanne used healthy natural methods to become well again.

Conventional medicine’s approach to cancer prevention
and treatment is a debilitating, often deadly fraud.”
-Suzanne Somers

Suzanne almost died from the powerful toxins the fungi excreted in her body. The CT scan and biopsy proved fungus can create tumors and white clots. Her experience also proved how little oncologists and pathologists know about fungal infections.

Suzanne Somers wasn’t misdiagnosed with cancer. She did have a type of cancer. The oncologists and the pathologist were both correct. Suzanne didn’t realized that cancer cells are fungus cells.

Unlike normal cells, cancer cells are often very  different in their size and shape.”
-American Cancer Society

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