Man Cures Cancer with Antifungal Cream

Cancer is one hundred times more likely to occur in
people who take drugs that suppress the immune system.”
-Merck Medical Manual

I met a man named Don. He eventually died from cancer. Don told me he went to the doctor because he had a lung infection. The doctor told him his white blood cells were attacking him. His doctor then prescribed chemotherapy drugs to suppress his immune system.

Don’s immune system gradually became weaker each day. He eventually needed an oxygen tank to breathe. When Don returned to the doctor for more tests, he was told he had fungus in his liver. A couple of days later, he received a phone call from his doctor. His doctor told him he had misdiagnosed him. Don was told he had cancer of the liver and was prescribed more chemotherapy pills.

The chemicals further suppressed his immune system. Don died after months of chemical poisoning. His body could no longer fight the cancer cells without healthy white blood cells.

Is it possible the cells attacking Don’s lungs and liver were fungus and not white blood cells? Is it also possible his doctor was correct when he told Don he had fungus in his liver? I believe chemotherapy and fungus killed Don.

No one knows the exact cause of most cases of cancer.
We now know that
some cancers are caused by infections.”
American Cancer Society

I know a man named Bob. He developed skin cancer. Bob had a procedure done to remove the growth from his nose. A few months later, the growth returned. His doctor then told Bob he didn’t get all of the cancer cells and needed to operate again. He said, “I need to remove most of your nose to get all of the cancer.”

Bob refused to have the procedure done and he told the doctor, “I would rather die than walk around without a nose.” Then the strangest thing happened. The doctor suggested he try an antifungal cream on his nose. Bob used the cream and within a few weeks, his cancer was gone.

How could an antifungal cream kill cancer cells? Bob believed, like most oncologists, that cancer cells are mutated human cells. It’s seems obvious to me that cancer cells are fungus cells.

Cancer cells are anaerobic and have the ability to ferment.
All human cells have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live
without oxygen a rule without exception.” -Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner

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