Cancer Researchers are Deceived

Everyone should know most cancer research is a fraud.”
-Dr. Linus Pauling, two-time Nobel Prize winner

The American Cancer Society knows that good nutrition helps to prevent and cure cancer. Why doesn’t the ACS focus on cancer prevention education? Commercials and school programs would help save thousands of lives each year.

Instead of promoting prevention information, they focus on soliciting donations, research and early detection exams. Early detection exams don’t prevent cancer.

In 2014 the ACS spent approximately $600 million on cancer research. The money was used for prevention, genetic and drug research. Scientists are unaware that cancer cells are fungus cells. More genetic research and new poisonous drugs are not the answer.

Total U.S. spending on medical research has doubled in the
past decade to nearly $95 billion a year.” -Associated Press, 2005


The word Hela is an abbreviation for Henrietta Lacks. In 1951, George Gey took what was believed to be mutated human cancer cells from Henrietta Lacks, who died from cervical cancer.

Over 70,000 articles have been written about Hela cells. Hela cells have been used in cancer research worldwide for over 60 years. They are believed to be the only immortal human cells. All other attempts to grow human cells outside the body have failed because Hela cells are actually fungus cells. Scientists are unaware of this big misunderstanding.

Cancer cells are anaerobic and have the ability to ferment. All human cells
have an absolute requirement for oxygen, but cancer cells can live without
oxygen a rule without exception.” -Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize winner

Ten Reasons Why Cancer Cells Are Fungus Cells

1. Cancer and some fungus are facultative anaerobic cells. They can live with or without oxygen. Human cells are aerobic cells which die when deprived of oxygen.

2. Cancer and fungus can ferment. Human cells can’t ferment.

3. Cancer and fungus cells can multiply much faster than human cells.

4. Cancer and fungus have a larger nucleus and more chromosomes than human cells.

5. Cancer cells and fungus grow and spread like parasites.

6. Cancer and fungus cells can attach and hide within human tissues, including bones.

7. Cancer and fungus can colonize and create tumors.

8. Cancer and fungus have a hard cell wall. Human cells don’t.

9. Cancer and fungus thrive on acidic refined sugars and grains.

10. Cancer and fungus are considered immortal cells. They aren’t actually immortal. The original cells die, but their offspring continue to reproduce.


Everyone has fungus cells in their body. Candida albicans is one type of fungus which normally lives in and on our bodies. Candida is a beneficial part of intestinal flora when the body is functioning properly.

Our bodies are hosts for many types of microbes. Some microorganisms are essential to the proper functioning of our bodies. Symbiosis is the living together of two kinds of organisms to their mutual advantage. Scientists recently discovered the importance of beneficial bacteria.

Candida will ferment and grow out of control when the bloodstream is low in oxygen and white blood cells. To prevent or stop fungal infections, such as cancer, we need to avoid poisons and give our bodies the proper nutrients.

U.S. Annual Healthcare Spending is a Stunning $3.4 Trillion”  -Forbes magazine, 2014

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