Antibiotics don’t Create Super Bugs

“Make a lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”
-Adolf Hitler

Staphylococcus aureus bacteria normally lives in and on our bodies without causing illness. It’s classified as a super bug because some strains of staph have a tolerance to several types of antibiotics (methicillin). Some types of staph bacteria have been genetically modified by scientists.

Genetically modified bacteria were the first organisms to be
modified in the laboratory, due to their simple genetics.”
-Wikipedia, Genetically modified bacteria

Bacteria is being modified by scientists, not mutating because of antibiotics. Some species of bacteria have a tolerance to antibiotics, but not immunity to them.

Staphylococcus infections can become life threatening when a person has a deficiency of healthy white blood cells or is exposed to a large amount of the bacteria.

Many people have AIDS (a chronic deficiency of healthy blood cells) before entering the hospital. They become weaker while in the hospital because of germs, surgery, antibiotics, chemotherapy or other treatments.

If some staph bacteria is super dangerous, why haven’t most of the doctors, nurses, and other hospital workers died? The staph bacteria isn’t super strong. Some patients’ immune systems are super weak.

Sometimes doctors harm and even kill their patients by trying one antibiotic after another. They believe the infection is bacterial, when it’s actually fungal.

There are germs everywhere. Stethoscopes are rarely sanitized, so they spread bacteria and fungus between patients. Blowing out candles on birthday cakes also spreads germs. The solution is to build a stronger immune system, not take more antibiotics. Antibiotics are poisons. They can weaken the immune system, and cause fungal infections and death.

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