Antibiotics are Poisons

Antibiotic use is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer.”
-National Cancer Institute

Antibiotics poison human cells and beneficial bacteria. It’s a myth that antibiotics are selective poisons which only kill harmful bacteria cells. The word antibiotic means anti-life.

“Cancer is one hundred times more likely to occur in people who take
drugs that suppress the immune system.
” -Merck Medical Manual

Antibiotics are drugs that suppress the immune system.


Penicillium is the type of fungus used to create the bright yellow poison called penicillin. The “miracle” drug is a powerful toxin excreted by yeast. It can save lives, and cause severe side effects and death. The use of penicillin ushered in an epidemic of fungal infections, such as cancer.

There are about 300 species of fungi which cause human illness. Aspergillus, cryptococcus, candida albicans, penicillium, and others excrete poisons. Symptoms caused by fungal excrements are often classified as viral infections and diseases.

Virus [Latin, a poison] a microscopic infectious agent causing various diseases.”
– Webster’s New World Dictionary, 2006

Virus is the Latin word for poison.

For about 100 years, the scientific community repeatedly changed its collective mind over what viruses are. First seen as poisons, then as life forms, then biological chemicals.”
-Dr. Luis Villarreal, virologist, UC Irvine

The use of antibiotics can create a vicious cycle of fungal infections in human beings and other animals. Approximately 50% of the antibiotics produced are given to animals. Most meat and dairy products, are poisoned with antibiotics.


The Greek prefix myco- means “fungus” alluding to the way
mycobacteria have been observed to grow in a mold-like fashion.”-Wikipedia

In 1873 Dr. Gerhard Hansen, discovered the microbe that causes leprosy. He was unable to identify the unknown microbe, so he called the germ mycobacteria.

The problem with the word mycobacteria is that fungus and bacteria are two different types of cells. Hansen said mycobacteria would grow in a mold-like fashion. Mold is a type of fungus.

Leprosy and tuberculosis are believed to be caused by mycobacteria. TB kills approximately 2 million men, women and children each year worldwide.

Using antibiotics to kill mycobacteria is a mistake because mycobacterium is a type of fungus. The conventional treatment for leprosy is made up of three types of antibiotics which routinely kill patients. Antibiotics are given in large doses for months or until the patient dies.

People with leprosy can live for years if they don’t receive antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics make people with fungal infections more unhealthy. When you take antibiotics you are poisoning and killing your beneficial bacteria as well. To have a strong immune system you need bacteria and healthy white blood cells. It’s best to avoid antibiotics if possible.

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