Chemotherapy is Chemical Poisoning

Cancer is caused by carcinogens: radiation, chemicals and germs.
-World Health Organization

Oncologists have been taught to fight cancer with surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. All three methods weaken the immune system. Radiation and chemotherapy poison and kill red blood cells. They also destroy beneficial bacteria, and white blood cells which are needed to control the growth of harmful fungus and bacteria.

Cancer is caused by an agent called carcinogen such as a
chemical, a virus,
radiation or sunlight.” -Merck Medical Manual

The Merck Manual believes cancer is caused by chemicals, but still recommends using them to kill cancer cells.


Chemotherapy is chemical poisoning. Many oncologists will not use this therapy when they develop cancer. They know poisons can cause AIDS and help cancer spread.

Chemical therapy poisons the entire body. The poison destroys white blood cells and reduces the body’s ability to create them again. Bones can become brittle and easily break. I know two women who suffered broken necks before dying of cancer. Chemotherapy can destroy an already weak immune system and eventually kill the person.

Oncologists create the condition called AIDS before performing a bone marrow transplant. They deliberately kill the patient’s white blood cells, because they believe immature white blood cells are attacking the body, when they are actually fungus cells.

The patient may then die from complications created by suppressing the immune system. The complications are severe fungal infections or organ failure.

Cancer is one hundred times more likely to occur in people
who take drugs that suppress the immune system.” -Merck Medical Manual

Most oncologists are unaware that cancer cells are actually fungus cells. They are trained to use poisonous chemicals to kill cancer cells. A better way to fight fungal infections is to detox the body and create a strong immune system with a healthy diet.

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