The Simple Truth About HIV and AIDS

AIDS: a condition of deficiency of certain leukocytes,
resulting in infections, cancer, neural degeneration, etc.”
-Webster’s New World Dictionary

The acronym AIDS stands for Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. AIDS is a condition in which a person has a deficiency of healthy white blood cells (leukocytes) and becomes less able to control fungus and bacteria.

Fungi have a special tendency to cause infections
in people with a compromised immune system.”
-Merck Medical Manual

Poisonous man-made chemicals and drugs compromise the immune system. The end result is a deficiency of white blood cells and fungal infections, such as cancer.

There are degrees in the deficiency of white blood cells. Whenever a person is poisoned, some white blood cells and beneficial bacteria are destroyed. Red (oxygen) blood cells are also damaged, which causes a low oxygen bloodstream and then fungi begin to ferment, spread and create tumors.

Research has shown that the longer and more intensely the
immune system is suppressed…the higher the risk of cancer.”
-American Cancer Society

A deficiency of red and white blood cells can be a chronic condition caused by the many poisons in the air, food and water. Chemotherapy is a great example of how chemical poisoning causes AIDS.


Virus [Latin, a poison] a microscopic infectious agent causing various diseases.”
– Webster’s New World Dictionary, 2006

Virus is the Latin word for poison. Viruses are poisons, not living organisms. The science of virology is based on many unproven theories and wrong conclusions. Scientists can’t decide what viruses are.

For about 100 years, the scientific community repeatedly changed its collective mind over what viruses are. First seen as poisons, then as life forms, then biological chemicals.”
-Dr. Luis Villarreal, virologist, UC Irvine


Many people diagnosed with HIV don’t develop AIDS. HIV is not AIDS.

Tests used to identify HIV are not accurate. HIV cannot be identified with a microscope or a white blood cell count. Most viruses are never actually identified.

Some drugs used to treat HIV can cause life threatening side effects. The earliest drugs such as AZT were highly toxic and often caused AIDS and death.

Sexually transmitted diseases are caused by bacteria, fungus and parasites. The viruses/poisons they excrete can cause AIDS.

Most Americans don’t know the simple truth about HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) and AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). AIDS is a chronic condition, which involves a deficiency of healthy white blood cells and viruses are poisons.

We need healthy white blood cells to protect us from germs and parasites. Taking poisons, such as antibiotics and prescription drugs contribute to developing infections, cancer, neural degeneration, autoimmune disorders, etc. The way to becomefront cover-page-001 (1).jpg healthy is to detox your body, change your diet and avoid as many poisons as possible.

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