Discover the Real Cause of Heart Disease

Cardiovascular disease is the biggest killer of apes in captivity.” -USA TODAY

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo changed the diet of their western lowland gorillas, because they were dying from heart disease. The gorillas were overweight and suffering from many chronic diseases. They were not eating animal products.

Zookeepers were feeding their gorillas monkey biscuits. Their diet consisted of 25-50% processed biscuits, which were similar to human cookies. They contained refined sugars, grains and other harmful ingredients, which poisoned the gorillas. The refined sugar and flour caused calcium build up and fungal growths inside their arteries. They also caused blood sugar imbalances, acidosis and obesity.

Primates can be fed a diet based on commercial monkey biscuits
or canned primate or marmoset diet.” -Merck Veterinarian Manual

The Merck Veterinarian Manual was wrong. The gorillas became healthy when they stopped eating the processed biscuits. Gorillas at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo now eat a natural raw food diet like gorillas in the wild.

The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo stopped feeding the male western
lowland gorillas processed biscuits and they are much healthier now.”
-Dr. Pam Dennis, Cleveland Metroparks Zoo


“Old age sets in at fifty and its signs are strongly marked at sixty.”
– Dr. Samuel Hutton, Studied the Eskimos 1902-1913

Heart disease is not caused by animal cholesterol. Eskimos of the far north lived almost exclusively on a diet of fish, seals and other animals. They ate large amounts of raw animal fat, but they didn’t die from cancer or heart disease at a young age. The raw foods provided large amounts of C and B vitamins. The Eskimos were much healthier before they started eating processed foods.

Present day Inuit Indians who eat a lot of poisoned foods and drink coffee, sodas, and alcohol suffer from chronic degenerative diseases. They are dying from cancer, diabetes, asthma, heart attacks and strokes. Processed foods cause nutritional deficiencies and fungal infections.


Many children die every year from heart disease. Even newborn babies can die from heart attacks and strokes. When children die from heart attacks and strokes the doctors call the disease childhood thrombosis.

How is that possible if heart disease is caused by the build up of animal cholesterol? Many babies are born already infected with fungus. Their plaques and white clots are fungal growths. Fungus and human cells are eukaryotic cells, which contain cholesterol and DNA.


Cardiologists and pathologists don’t know what white clots really are and why they are formed. The definition of the word clot is a soft clump or a thickened mass. There are two types of clots. Red blood clots are caused by red blood platelets, usually when a person is injured. White clots are fungal growths.


Exactly how atherosclerosis begins or what causes
it isn’t known, but some theories have been proposed.”
-American Heart Association

The American Heart Association doesn’t know what causes atherosclerosis. Medical textbooks teach cardiologists the popular and unproven theory that plaque buildup is caused by animal cholesterol.

Atherosclerosis is a disease characterized by the formation of plaques. Arteriosclerosis is the thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries.

Arterial plaques are raised patches that don’t cover the entire artery. If plaques did, then bypass surgery would be impossible. The whole artery would need to be replaced.

Plaque can be bio-film, raised patches or lesions. Some plaques contain a soft cheese-like substance. Yeast infections in other parts of the body can create similar cheese-like substances.

Patches can be found on the walls of arteries or brain tissues in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients. Plaques can grow anywhere in or on the body. They can sometimes be found in the body by doing a coronary calcium scan or using ultra-sound equipment.

Plaque, a sticky film of bacteria, constantly forms on your teeth. When you eat or drink foods containing sugars, the bacteria produce acids that attack tooth enamel.”
-American Dental Association

Dentists have been taught dental plaque is made of bacteria cells. They know very little about fungus and the formation of plaque.

Plaque on teeth is caused by minerals, bacteria and fungus cells hardening on the teeth. Cavities are mainly caused by refined sugars and chemicals, which dissolve tooth enamel. Bacteria and fungus don’t excrete harmful acids unless they are fermenting. Refined sugars cause fermenting.

There are a lot of studies that suggest that oral health, and gum
disease in particular are related to serious conditions like heart disease.”
-Sally Cram, D.D.S., American Dental Association

There is a connection between plaque on teeth and the walls of arteries. Fibrosis, psoriasis, cirrhosis, and sclerosis are different words used for plaque buildup. They involve thickening and hardening of tissues caused by calcium and fungus cells.


The skin condition called psoriasis is a good example of plaque buildup. Over seven million Americans suffer from psoriasis, and 80% of those people have plaque psoriasis. Eighty million men, women and children are affected worldwide by this type of fungal infection.

Psoriasis is considered an autoimmune disease. Plaque psoriasis can occur in the brain, pancreas, liver, kidneys, joints, arteries, veins or anywhere in the body. Psoriasis causes inflammation, lesions, and white patches. As the fungus growths become larger, they cause the liver, brain, pancreas and other parts of the body to malfunction.

Psoriasis can occur on any part of the body and is associated with
other serious health conditions, such as
diabetes, heart diseases and depression.
-National Psoriasis Foundation

There is a connection between psoriasis and many other chronic diseases. That connection is fungal infections.

Dr. Robert C. Atkins, a cardiologist, believed animal cholesterol doesn’t cause heart disease. In his book, Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, he described how refined carbohydrates are causing heart disease. 56212-frontcover-page-00128129

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