Empower Yourself With Knowledge

“Only approximately six percent of the graduating physicians
in the U.S. have any training in nutrition.”

-Ray D. Strand, M.D.

Knowledge is power. Whoever controls the medical textbooks, controls the physician’s minds. If they believe they have been taught the truth, they won’t seek to discover the truth.

Drug companies fund many major universities. They influence the school curriculum and the information put in medical textbooks. Most physicians have little or no training in nutrition and proper care of the human body.

Many textbooks contain myths and theories which are presented as proven facts. The lack of correct information in medical textbooks makes solving health problems harder, if not impossible. Vital knowledge is being suppressed.

The Merck Manual is the world’s most widely used medical textbook for diagnosing and treating diseases. It has been used by doctors since it was first published in 1899. The Merck Manual is published by Merck & Company, one of the largest drug manufacturers on earth.

Pharmaceutical companies are in the business of selling patented products. One reason why drug companies discourage natural healing with healthy foods is they cannot be patented. Drug companies want to increase their profits by developing and selling more drugs.

All drug companies in the U.S. are controlled by the Rockefellers.”
-Eustace Mullins, Murder by Injection

Healthcare isn’t designed to be affordable. It’s designed to be profitable. Doctors, nurses and scientists don’t have all the answers and drug companies are misinforming them.

Conventional and alternative healthcare are imperfect. Some elements of each type of healthcare are good, while others are harmful. Integrative healthcare often combines the use of nutrition and poisonous chemicals.Health Recovery Secrets front cover

Health Recovery Secrets is a simple, scientific  and easy to understand manual for preventing and curing chronic illnesses using natural methods. It will empower you with vital knowledge so you can take more control of your mental and physical health. It will help you decide when you need a doctor, and when it’s better to care for yourself. 

To learn more go to https://healthrecoverysecrets.wordpress.com/health-recovery-secrets/


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